Adam PTA 267_01

Adam PTA 266_02

Preset PTA P3D Suggested HDR Values
Adam_PTA_267_01 2.67 4.5 or 4.5+Hotfix2 Brightness: 1.08 Bloom: 0.00 Saturation: 0.83

Cloud/Sky textures

Compatible with REX TextureDirect, REX Sky Force 3D and ActiveSky/ASCA. Though the preset is compatible with REX Environment Force, I think it’s best not to “mix and match” – use either one or the other (!).


  • PTA aircraft lighting and/or VC tweaks can display MDL problems with a few aircraft (JustFlight, Aerosoft Airbus, Octopus An-2). If you see parts of the external model incorrectly lit, disable the two aircraft/VC lighting tweaks (all other options are OK).
  • Reload Shaders (P3Dv4.5 only): it is now possible to map a key to the “Reload Shaders” function – which means that we can (at last!) tweak our PTA settings and see the results without a P3D restart.
  • The choice of sky textures in P3D has a huge effect on colouring, lightness, contrast and saturation – affecting sky, terrain, objects and aircraft. Be prepared to make your own adjustments to the suggested HDR values.