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FSX DX10 P-51 near NZQN
A collection of odd files for FSX, P3D and MSFS.


Working with Reshade and LUT (using XP11.50 b14 as an example).

MSFS Autopilot Freeze (FSUIPC Lua)

I have an X-56 stick/throttle combo and often find that when panning around in external view (taking screenshots) I can’t help moving the stick slightly – disturbing (or even de-activating) the autopilot.

Also – my X-56 suffers from [the dreaded] “throttle creep”, which is particularly bothersome with the FBW A32NX when it drifts out of one of the detents.

These scripts are an attempt to lock/disable all flight controls (including throttle) when the autopilot is active.

Size: 24Kb
Quality Wings QW146 Startup Guide

PDF format: 28 June 2015

Size: 349Kb