Tom Weiss A2A liveries archive: T-6

Tom Weiss (R.I.P.) was a prolific repainter for many FSX/P3D/DCS/LOMAC/IL-2 aircraft. He passed away on August 31 2020 and will be greatly missed. Sadly, his LockonFiles site disappeared along with him – and many of those liveries can no longer be found. Some are still available on Avsim, so they’re not duplicated here.

Hosting these A2A liveries here is a way of “paying back” to Tom and the flight sim community.

A2A T6 Texan RNZAF NZ1076 – Tom Weiss
A2A T6 Texan RNZAF NZ1076 – Tom Weiss

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Since Tom’s untimely passing, there have been the occasional requests for some of his excellent repaints. He will be missed and, in his memory, I’ll try to dig out any of his excellent repaints that I still have lurking on various backup drives.

Size: 50Mb