xVision Presets

I’ve only just got XP11 and X-Vision, so this first preset is a little experimental!

Yuri Tryfonov (the original developer of PTA for P3D) has turned his talents to X-Plane. X-Vision can be found here: X-Vision Pro.

Currently, I’m also using the excellent freeware FlyWithLUA NG (v2.7.17) plugin, as well as VMI Twick VR.

As this plugin allows you to tweak many shaders/lighting values “on the fly”, xVision presets need to be paired with a corresponding FlyWithLUA/VMI Twick VR preset, the archives include copies of these ini files. Once I’ve arrived at a decent /xVision/Twick VR combination, I’ll attempt a standalone xVision preset.

Preset Adam XV 121_01 (for xVision 1.21 + FlyWithLUA NG v2.7.17) … released.