xVision Presets

Yuri Tryfonov (the original developer of PTA/P3D) has turned his talents to X-Plane – with X-Vision Pro.

After having tried many shader tweak LUA scripts, I’ve decided to stick with the excellent (and free) FlyAGI Tweak Utility (see also the FlyAGI Manual), used with FlyWithLUA NG (v2.7.17).

NOTE: There are substantial differences in lighting between default XP scenery and photoreal (eg. ORBX TEGB), so the later presets come in two variations: “Photoreal” and “Native”.

UPDATE: As soon as I’ve checked everything out with the new XP11 3.5 update, I’ll package all the three current presets (Native/non-photoreal, Photoreal/TE Washington and Photoreal TE GB) into one handy archive.