xVision 1.21 Preset : Adam XV 121_02

For xVision 1.21 and XP11

Tested using ActiveSky, FlyWithLUA NG (2.7.17) + VMI Twick VR.

NOTE: this preset is aimed *specifically* for VMI Twick users (a native preset will follow shortly). As this plugin allows you to tweak many shaders/lighting values “on the fly” (and many features overlap), the xVision preset needs to be paired with a corresponding VMI Twick preset. The xVision preset archive includes copies of the required ini files.

A slight update to 121_01

  • Corrections to the VC lighting
  • Rayleigh scattering tweaked.
  • Night lighting checked.

NOTE: As there are substantial differences in lighting between default XP scenery and photoreal (eg. ORBX TEGB), you may have to amend the values in “Tone Ratio Mount” and “Tone Ratio Clean” accordingly.