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Avro 621 NZMF : Tomatoshade preset 27_01

Avro 621 at Milford Sound (ORBX/NZMF) : P3Dv4 + Tomatoshade

Whilst P3Dv4.5 worked great on my system, P3Dv5 was an absolute disaster. When MSFS 2020 was released, I had to free up some space on my HD – so P3Dv5 had to go (!). Effectively, this means I’m no longer creating or supporting any liveries or utilities for P3D. XP11 is still in the picture – though I have to admit that MSFS has rather taken over, time-wise!

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29 December 2020: first MSFS livery added:

A320neo RNZAF

20 January 2020: PBR repaint for Manfred Jahn/Jan Visser’s C-47/DC-3 added to the Military section of the repaints library: