Adam TS 31_01

Avro Anson near NZWB : ORBX NZSI

For TomatoShade v3.1 and P3Dv4.5 (Hotfix2)

HDR settings:Brightness: 1.01 | Bloom: 0.00 | Saturation: 0.88

Tested mainly with REX Skyforce3D, though it should work well with REX4/TD and ActiveSky/ASCA. Different sky textures can have a huge impact on overall colouring and lighting in the sim, so be prepared to tweak HDR values to suit.

NOTE: I do NOT use TS Dynamic Aircraft Reflections, as I find them a little buggy – and they apply globally to ALL my aircraft – destroying any model edits which I’ve set to use Global Environment Reflections. Both the Extended Reflection Rendering and Aircraft Image Based Lighting tweaks are disabled in this preset (enabling either of them may give odd lighting in your external aircraft views).