xVision 1.40 Preset : Adam XV 140_01 FlyAGI

B787 over Seattle: ORBX TEWA

Version/compatibility update only: This preset is identical to the previously released Adam XV 130_01.

For xVision 1.40 + XP11.41 + FlyAGI.

There are substantial differences in lighting between default/native XP scenery and photoreal areas (eg. ORBX TEGB) – and also slight differences in palette between the various ORBX photoreal areas themselves – so Adam XV 140_01) comes in three variations:

1) ORBX TEGB Photoreal.
2) ORBX TEWA Photoreal.
3) XP11 Native.

NOTE: Here’s some good info from FlyAGI:

xVision presets get overwritten by FTU’s settings but there is a solution:
Copy the contents of your xVision lua files into the static override script, between the marked blocks. If this is done the presets will be loaded last at startup and override FTU’s settings (regarding datarefs used by FTU and the xVision presets).