Adam PTA 262_01

Adam PTA 26_01

Preset PTA P3D
Adam_PTA_262_01 PTA 2.62 P3Dv4.3

262_01 (for P3Dv4.3) is a minor update of 261_03 and was tested mainly with REX Skyforce3D (more details in the readme file in the archive).

PTA aircraft lighting and/or VC tweaks can display MDL problems with a few aircraft (JustFlight/Aerosoft/Octopus An-2). If you see parts of the external model incorrectly lit, disable the two aircraft/VC lighting options (all other values are OK).

P3D HDR settings: Brightness: 0.82 | Bloom: 0.00 | Saturation: 0.81