Adam PTA 266_01

PTA Preset Adam 266_01

Preset PTA P3D
Adam_PTA_266_01 PTA 2.66 P3Dv4.5 (only)

266_01 was tested mainly with REX TextureDirect (Skyforce/EnvironmentForce preset coming soon, I hope!).


  • PTA aircraft lighting and/or VC tweaks can display MDL problems with a few aircraft (JustFlight, Aerosoft Airbus, Octopus An-2). If you see parts of the external model incorrectly lit, disable the two aircraft/VC lighting tweaks (all other options are OK).
  • Photoreal scenery (eg. ORBX TE) is often slightly darker and more saturated than regular sceneries. You may need to edit the HDR settings in P3D to compensate. The values (below) are set automatically by this preset and are for NON-photoreal areas.

P3D HDR settings: Brightness: 1.08 | Bloom: 0.00 | Saturation: 0.82.