UIAutomationCore.dll1540 DownloadsPlace this file in your root FSX folder. Fixes random menu crashes etc. Download Now!Size: 80Kb


ShadersHLSL3021 DownloadsThe default shaders – in case your install fails or has become corrupted. Download Now!Size: 141Kb

OOM Desktop Heap Limitation (Microsoft)

OOM Desktop Heap Limitation (Microsoft)1470 DownloadsRegistry fix for “Out of Memory” error message because of the desktop heap limitation in Windows Vista or in Windows 7. Download Now!Size: 252Kb

Michael Swannick’s FSX Lights

Michael Swannick’s FSX Lights3054 DownloadsAlternative runway lights textures (fx_2.bmp and halo.bmp). Remember to make a backup of your original files. Download Now!Size: 54Kb

D3D Overrider

D3D Overrider2094 DownloadsDownload Now!Size: 441Kb

DX10 Fixer v2.3 User Manual

DX10 Fixer v2.3 User Manual14147 DownloadsDetails … The official Fixer User Manual (as bundled with Fixer v2.3). Download Now!Size: 5Mb