Adam PTA 252_03

Adam PTA 252_03 : Hawker Fury : ORBX NZNI

Preset PTA P3D
Adam_PTA_252_03 PTA 2.52 P3Dv4.1

Changes from Adam_PTA_25_02:

25_03 has some blue removed from various settings and softer cloud shadows so that the landscape isn’t overly dark in cloudy/overcast conditions. I kept reducing bloom (an effect I’ve always had reservations about) until it was almost zero. In the end, I turned it right off!

  • HDR Values changed (see above).
  • Cloud shadows weakened slightly.
  • Blue (in various settings) reduced slightly.
  • Haze/fog reduced slightly.

P3Dv4 HDR settings: Brightness:0.71 | Bloom:0.00 | Saturation:0.87